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Samuel Perez



After leaving his previous job in the early 2000s, Samuel Perez had a dream to start his own accounting business.  His goal was to utilize his over 25 years of tax preparation experience to serve individuals and business owners.  Within five years, Samuel became one of the most notable names in accounting in Kissimmee as well as Orlando, making Accounting and More Services a premier accounting firm in Central Florida.

Known affectionately as "Tio Sammy," Samuel was a dedicated husband to his wife Nancy, father to his daughter Marielys and son-in-law Anthony, and grandfather to his beautiful granddaughters Sofi, Ava, and Ella.  A committed Christian, he dedicated his life to serving in ministry.  He served generations of young men and women as a youth pastor and ministered as an associate pastor in his later years.  He entered eternity in 2021.


His wife Nancy, son-in-law Anthony, and the rest of the team at Accounting and More Services are honored to carry the legacy of the business he built into the future.  It is their joy to follow in his footsteps by serving their clients with excellence and passion while upholding the motto he worked so hard to live by:

"Nadie sabe mas!"

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